Domsware is closed since february 2018. Apps are no longer available on AppStore.

nixie is a match-4 game: group identical tiles to remove them.

nixie's logo contains all numbers of a Nixie tube


Player drop tiles randomly draw on a grid. Tiles are numbered from 1 to 9. A special tile named nixie is blocked and cannot be changed except in certain circumstances.

nixie, tiles are design from Nixie tube

There are 7 stages on nixie, each one of them containing 9 levels with increasing difficulty. To finish a level, the player must complete specific objectives.

Each level offers a unique challenge: player must adapt their strategy or define a new one to reach objectives.

Three infinite levels offer another way to play: go as far as possible and compete with other players via the Game Center

Developed in 2015, Nixie is an original creation of the Toulouse, France-based independent developer Domsware.


The game takes its name and inspiration for its design from electronic tube Nixie, an electronic device for displaying information from the 50's. The name Nixie is an abbreviation for Numeric Indicator eXperimental No IReference.

The ten digits of a Nixie Tube

The ten digits of a Nixie Tube. wikipedia par Hellbus


Nixie tube display from Electronic Displays by Rick Furr

Nixie: Elegant Puzzle Game