CoachMyRide — FAQ

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CoachMyRide :  retrouver le plaisir du vélo.

Is CoachMyRide only available in English?

NO. CoachMyRide is also available in french and spanish.

Are those workouts exclusively for road cycling?

NO. Workouts can be used both on road bike, MTB and Turbo Trainer.
CoachMyRide also contains individual training sessions tailored specifically for Turbo Training: great for winter training!.

What is the Philosophy of CoachMyRide App?

As Lionel says :

CoachMyRide has been created in order to allow all people involved in bike riding to perform better. In our modern society we have a lot of commitments job, family... with less and less time to train. My first idea was to create a training toolbox for time-crunched cyclists (and for all levels).

CoachMyRide proposes 105 workouts in order to change your bike ride into structured coaching session.

For who CoachMyRide is designed for?

Everyone can use CoachMyRide!
For CoachMyRide we wanted to design an app offering training workouts for 3 levels of fitness:

  1. back to training
  2. recreational rider
  3. well-trained rider

Does CoachMyRide use external sensors?

NO. CoachMyRide does not need nor use external sensors. As the application is designed to prepare training there is no use to connect external sensors.

Why there is no real time coaching during training?

We didn't have this functionality as we decided to coach you as Lionel is coaching elite riders with plan content.
Moreover, as CoachMyRide could be used on the road we wanted you to be aware road users. Security reason was another reason to not propose you this functionality.

CoachMyRide on Android?

No Android version in our todo list.

CoachMyRide display message: "We have a problem here!"

In very rare situation there is a problem related to rider's age: age is set to 582 on Age field.
This problem can be easily solved by relaunching CoachMyRide with calendar set to gregorian on your device: this will set a correct value for Age field. Then you can go back to your usual settings.