Coach My Ride: a cycling training app on iPhone with suitable workouts

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CoachMyRide :  retrouver le plaisir du vélo.

A cycling training app to improve your performances

CoachMyRide:  bring back the fun with you velo.

With CoachMyRide you set your training by selecting workouts based on your personal criteria: your level, your availability and your goals. You then perform the selected workout following instructions in Pedalling Cadence and Intensity Zones both in Heart Rate and Power (Power training).

CoachMyRide is available for iPhone only.


Set your goals and choose your training workouts; CoachMyRide App allows you to tailor your cycling training to suit your schedule, aims and lifestyle.

Once the goals defined, you choose the workouts among the 105 offered by the application.

Your Goals

Whether you are a beginner, leisure rider or committed racer, and whatever your current level of fitness, set your training goals: make your come back, prepare a ride with friends, prepare a race or improve your performances on a specific point. You decide.

Once the goals defined, you choose the workouts to achieve them.

Choose your training sessions

CoachMyRide offers 105 individual training workouts divided into 12 separate themes for cycling training. Each workout is defined by a level, a duration and a theme.

Set your experience level, the amount of time available for your training and what you would like to improve and find the workout that suits you.

To help you choose, workouts are sorted according to their level, their duration and their theme:

  • 105 training sessions
  • 12 separate training themes
  • 3 levels of training intensity

Coach’s Advice

The content of the application has been designed in collaboration with professional cycling coach Lionel Reynaud.

With years of experience as a Professional Cycling Coach, Lionel Reynaud shares his knowledge with CoachMyRide users and guides you in your training.

Each session and each theme are fully documented.


Know exactly what you need to do in each individual training workout by following the clear instructions, expressed both in Intensity Zones and Pedalling Cadence.

Be aware that CoachMyRide does not have any live coaching features.

Your Intensity Zones

CoachMyRide contains a calculator to help you work out what intensity zones you need to work in. Simply input a few details of your physiological condition (age, sex, etc) and the calculator will automatically calculate the Intensity Zones both in Heart Rate and Power (Power training). All you need to work at for maximum effect !

Follow the clear instructions

Each individual training workout contains clear and simple instructions regarding what Intensity Zone and Pedalling Cadence to use during the workout. You can select your Intensity Zones based on Heart Rate or Power.

Each exercise session is described using the same concise formalism that Lionel Reynaud uses with its professional riders. A supplementary description specify step by step and in detailed way the content of the exercise.

Simply follow the suggested parameters (power, heart rate, cadence, or even how hard it feels you are working).

On The Road Or On The Turbo Trainer

The individual training workouts contained within CoachMyRide can be used either on the road or on a turbo trainer, with a mountain bike or a road bike.
Individual training workouts tailored specifically for the Turbo Trainer are part of the 105 proposed workouts.


Quickly see the benefits of a structured training programme with advice from a Professional Cycling Coach.

Your performances

Observe the improvements in your performance as you follow the individual training workouts. Feel stronger, fitter and faster as you follow your structured and personalised training programme.

Reach Your Goals !

Improve your endurance, rediscover your racing fitness, build your general health… Reach your goals or work towards them simply by selecting an individual training workout from one of our 12 separate training themes.

Once you have reached your goals, it’s time to set yourself some new challenges ! Use CoachMyRide for adapting your training to these new, harder objectives. Change the length of your individual training sessions, or the level of intensity, or the focus!


  • 105 structured cycling workouts available with different levels and durations
  • 12 cycling performance components covered
  • Workouts based on Training Zones and Cadence
  • Training Zones calculator (Heart Rate zones and Power zones)
  • Content designed by Elite Coach
  • Extensive documentation and coaching tips

User Comments

Great resource ★★★★★

This app has some great sessions, particularly if you're training with power. You need to be pretty clear with your zones before you start but that is also a great help on a training ride or a race.

Very Useful Training Aid ★★★★★

I like this app  :) Very useful for putting together a suitable workout and long term training program. Worth the price.

Brilliant!! ★★★★★

At last, a cycling specific training app that is clear, concise, simple to follow and provides a level of structure. These four things give me confidence that by following the training program's as detailed in the App I will improve my overall performance for next season.

Good training app ★★★★

Impressed with it so far. Detailed workouts and massive database to ensure there is a sufficient choice so you don't get bored.